Removing the Sugar Coating from Dieting and Weight Loss

Removing the Sugar Coating from Dieting and Weight Loss

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There are so many blogs and posts out there about how wonderful working out and eating healthy are and they are, for the most part, true.  It is totally great to feel and look fit and healthy!

However, let’s be real:  It is super hard to be on a weight loss diet and to workout everyday!

This post is not about sugar coating (no pun intended… ok, maybe a little) the weight loss process.  It’s about calling out those real challenges so that you don’t feel that you are the only one out there struggling!

It’s definitely not all rainbows and butterflies.  Everyday will not be 100% successful and that’s totally ok.  Human here!!

However, all because one day sucks, that does not mean throw in the towel and say that’s it.  You deal with it and keep going.  This post is going to give some real tough love.


I’m sorry ahead of time for the limited pictures in this post, I just didn’t have many good ones to add!  I’ll try to add as I get them!

For now, here’s another before and now (not “after” because I’m still going!).  Just a little reminder of why to push through those challenges.






Here it goes:

1.  You are going to be hungry.

While your stomach acclimates itself to getting smaller sizes of food, you are just going to feel hungry. Plain and simple.  There’s nothing wrong with you.  Your body is just readjusting to a new way of eating and actually of living as well.

What’s important is to make sure you are feeling hungry because you are eating smaller portioned meals and not that you are feeling hungry because you are starving yourself.

There’s lots of websites where you can calculate how many calories you should be having daily.  As long as you are getting enough in, then you just have to go with it.  Put on you big girl (or boy) pants, have a couple glasses of water, and remind yourself that it’s almost breakfast (if it’s nighttime anyway).

Now, if you are putting in less than 1,200 calories of food, I would suggest re-evaluating your diet because you probably aren’t eating enough.  Remember, food is your fuel.  Your diet makes up 80% of you health and fitness routine.  80%!! That’s a lot!  So take it seriously.

So, that being said, you just have to accept that there are going to be times when you will feel hungry.  You might even go to bed hungry.  That’s the truth.  Sorry!

2.  You are not going to feel like working out everyday.

Truth:  Sometimes I get home from work and I’m so exhausted I can barely move and even knock out for an hour or two.  I do not want to be anywhere near the gym those days.  I also get headaches and all I want to do is pop 3 Tylenols and head to bed.

Listen to your body.  If you are over exhausted, hurt, or coming down with something, then maybe you do need a day to rest.

However, if you are just feeling lazy, then get it together and get the workout done.  No one is going to do it for you and muscles do not magically appear while you are laying on the couch watching TV.

I know it’s hard and I know you are tired, but some days you need to suck it up and get your workout done anyway.  Maybe that day you make some adjustments to your regular routine, but give it your best.  Honestly, it’s days like those that I surprise myself and have my best workouts!

I have a lot of mommy and daddy friends that I see getting in 3 or more workouts a week.  I can’t speak personally for this, but it’s happening all around.  Even if you can only get in 30 mins, that’s better than nothing!

Even with broken bones and sprained ankles I have gone to the gym or worked out at home.  I just designed my workout so that I wasn’t using and/or putting strain on the compromised part of my body.  That also includes limited cardio during asthma flare ups to let my lungs recoup as well.

Try getting a pre-workout supplement for those days that you are feeling super sluggish.  That’s my best advice!

This is the pre-workout I’ve been using when I’m feeling not so energetic. I use half a scoop to one scoop in about 6-8 ounces of water and drink it 30 minutes before working out for that extra push.

Try getting a pre-workout supplement for those days that you are feeling super sluggish.  That’s my best advice!











3.  What works for you today might not work for you tomorrow.

Fitness routines and diets need to be constantly evolving.

Think of it this way:  A new song comes on the radio (did I just age myself? Radio?).  You love it!  You can’t get enough of it!  You listen to it over and over!!  Until finally, one day, you are sick of it and can’t take hearing it one more time.  Months later you hear it again and think to yourself that it really is a great song and listen to it again here and there.

Your body can be the same way.  It gets used to certain workouts and weights that you use regularly so even though you might be comfortable with a particular routine and you’ve had a lot of success with it, one day you might find that it’s not longer working for you.

You also might flat-line.  Meaning, you’re going along, following your weekly workout and eating plan you’ve designed and losing 1-2 lbs per week.  Amazing!  And then, even though you are still following your plan, you’re no longer losing.  It happens.  That lets you know it’s time to switch it up.

You will have to update your workouts, change up your cardio, increase the weights, etc…

I suggest using Instagram and other social media outlets for workout ideas and different healthy eating tips and recipes.  Also, if you go to a gym, pay attention to what others are doing.  I’ve gotten some of my best workouts and learned how to use a lot of gym equipment simply from paying attention.

4.  You might fall off the wagon and gain a little weight here and there.

Maybe you went on vacation.  Maybe you got hurt or sick.  Maybe life happened (as it so often does)!

It’s nothing to worry about.  A few lbs here and there are nothing to concern yourself over.  I mean, scales aren’t always accurate anyway.

What’s important is you pick yourself back up and continue.  So you went on vacation and ate all the food?  Great!! You should enjoy life and part of life is delicious food.  Especially different cultural food that you can experience while traveling.  Just own it later and adjust your diet to get back on track.  No big deal.

5.  You’re going to have to say no to a lot of food you want to eat while watching others around you eat it.

Everyone is not on a diet.  Meaning, people around you will be eating all of the things you would like to be eating.  You will have to watch them.  Hold strong and don’t eat that chip.  You could have one, but sometimes when you have one it makes it hard to stop.

It would be great if everyone was following your same healthy eating plan so that there were no temptations, but that’s just not reality.  You’ll go to dinner where everyone orders the cheeseburger and fries and you order the salad.  You’ll go to parties, holidays, get togethers, even lunch at work and you will have to be strong and remember your goals.

There are even times when I bring my own food to get togethers.  You have to use your judgement to decide when it’s appropriate (and not rude) to do that.  Nobody likes a rude guest!  A lot of parties and other events will turn into your weekly cheat meal.  It might not be the food you would have chosen to eat, but use your discretion.

Something helpful is letting family and friends know your goals.  My family is great and always makes sure there are healthy food options on the table.

Overall, being on a diet isn’t easy and anyone who says it is… envy them.  The good thing that happens though is that your body does get used to the lifestyle over time so many things get easier!  Just stick with it.  No one is going to do it for you.  Only you can get it done.

Feel free to share any other challenges you have faced and what you did to push through!

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Thanks for reading!





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This website contains affiliate marketing ads which means if you follow  link and make a purchase, we receive small compensation at no extra cost to you.  Please visit our Advertising Disclosure and Privacy Policy for more about our partnerships with various affiliate marketers.

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