Portion Sizes for a Protein Shake That Won’t Break the Calorie Bank

Portion Sizes for a Protein Shake That Won’t Break the Calorie Bank

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I know what you’re thinking:  Duh, I know how to make a protein shake.

Yes, protein shakes are super easy to make which is something great about them!  But did you know that as super easy as they are to make, they are also super easy to blow your calorie intake on?  That is, if you are trying to stay to a set calorie intake per day, anyway.

Depending on the types of ingredients you use and size, you can turn your nutritious snack into a few hundred unnecessary calories.

In this post, I’m focusing on the portion sizes for a simple Vanilla Peanut Butter Protein Shake (my favorite!).   I’ve what the portion sizes will look like in order to keep your shake to about 240 calories.

This is, of course, based on my choice of brands so you will have to double check the nutritional labels on your own brands of choice!



-1 cup Almond Breeze unsweetened vanilla 30 calorie almond milk (30 cals)

-1 tablespoon reduced fat Skippy peanut butter (90 cals)

-8 ice cubes (0 cals!)

-BPI vanilla protein powder (120 cals)


Step 1:

-Add 8 ice cubes to the blender.


Step 2:

-Add one scoop of vanilla protein powder.


Step 3:

-Add 1 cup of 30 calorie unsweetened vanilla almond milk.


Step 4:

-Add 1 tablespoon of reduced fat peanut butter.


Step 5:

-Blend on “smoothie” for about a minute and half or until you have a smoothie like texture.


Step 6:

-Add it to your Blender Bottle and drink up!


I also like to use straws, but always run out.  Recently I bought a set of stainless steal straws so now we never run out.  We are also being a little more green and the best part is the straws keep your shake cold as you sip it for at least 30 minutes after you make it.

How?  The stainless steal gets really cold from the ice in the shake and stays that way for awhile, making everything that goes through it cold as well.  I’m not kidding, I just did it!

If you’re wondering how to wash them, it’s super easy. They come with a little brush! Definitely worth the few dollars.



I hope the portion size visuals are helpful. I always feel like everything is clearer in a picture!

Side note: You could always add fruit, like half a banana, to this shake also. You’d still be under 300 which is perfectly acceptable!

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Thanks for reading!




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