NYC:  A Story in Black and White 

NYC:  A Story in Black and White 

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Part of living a healthy lifestyle is to actually get out in the world, be active, and do things.  You need to have exciting experiences, see new things, and just be physically and socially active.

Living in the greatest city in the world, there’s plenty of opportunity for adventure and exploration.

I took some of my favorite pictures of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Harlem and, with a little photo editing magic, turned them into a story in black and white.  They tell the tale of my own experiences, each photo with a story all it’s own behind it.

Many places are familiar, iconic even.  I’m sure many people with recognize them and have their own stories to tell about them.  Others might be less familiar meaning you have a new adventure ahead of you.

Why black and white?  NY is nothing if not timeless and classic, just like a photograph in black and white.  Also, I love editing photos and don’t have a lot of opportunity for black and white so I took my chance!

By the way, my photo editing app of choice is Snapseed!  If you are planning to do any photo editing, then you really need this app.

If you are reading this and planning your own NY trip or itinerary, consider adding some of these locations to your list!

Also, while these locations are all free to view, many iconic locations will cost you an arm and a leg. A vacation should not break the bank, so you should definitely consider getting yourself a City Pass. City Pass will let you visit many hot spots in the city of your choice for a seriously discounted price. I wish I knew about it years ago! Follow the link below!

The Brooklyn Bridge as seen from

the FDR

The New York Public Library and

Bryant Park

The Brooklyn Bridge walking from Brooklyn to Manhattan

Macy’s Department Store as seen from Herald Square

Ms Saigon at the Broadway Theater

1 Train Subway Station in Harlem

Washington Square Park and the Empire State Building on an icy, snowy winter’s night

The Christmas Tree and Ice Rink at Rockefeller Center

Christmas Decorations in Rockefeller Center

Christmas Soldier at Rockefeller Center

Christmas Decorations in Bryant Park

Sunset Park in the Fall

Broadway Bites at Greeley Square

Wall Painting at Coney Island

Mulberry St., Little Italy overlooking the Empire State Building

Radio City Music Hall

Alice in Wonderland Statue in

Central Park

D Train Bay Parkway Stop in Brooklyn

The Manhattan Skyline as seen from Alma (restaurant) in Brooklyn

The Midtown Skyline as seen from Cantina Rooftop

The Empire State Building as seen from The Highline

Shoes as seen from Poco NYC in Alphabet City

The Downtown Skyline and the Freedom Tower as seen from Azul on the Rooftop at Hotel Hugo

Finally, last, and most important…

The Skyline with the 9/11 Tribute as seen from Alma (restaurant) in Brooklyn


I hope you enjoyed the photos and that it gives you some inspiration for your next adventure.

I love taking pictures and, while I’m very obviously not a professional, I find the Snapseed app very helpful!  Every picture was taken on my iphone (6 and 7).

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  1. September 25, 2017 / 11:03 pm

    I love a good black and white photo and you definitely captured some great sites!! Beautiful in so many ways!!

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