I hope no one saw that!:  Embarrassing and Annoying Gym Moments

I hope no one saw that!:  Embarrassing and Annoying Gym Moments

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We all have them.  Those moments where you think “I hope no one saw that!” or “Not again!”

This post is just for fun, but to share these moments in the hopes we can just all have a good laugh about them!

P.S. not too many pictures here.  I think the mental images and memories will be enough for us all!


1.  Embarrassing:  You dropped your phone while doing cardio.

I’ve done it, I’ve seen others do it, and I’ve picked up other people’s phones for them!  It’s so annoying when you are in the middle of some serious cardio and your phone goes flying.  You just have to laugh because if anyone saw, they are for sure laughing.  In fact, one day the girl on the machine next to me dropped her phone twice in a row.  I’m sorry, I laughed.  It was funny and she is 100% welcome to laugh the next time mine takes the plunge as well!


2.  Annoying: Cords in a knot

Seriously, somehow this happens to me everyday.  I pull my headphones out of my bag to find them completely twisted and have to spend the next few minutes untangling them.


3.  Embarrassing:  One rep too many and you almost or do drop a weight

Have you ever tried a new workout or a weight and found that after, like, one rep that it is so not for you right now?  Then, you have to either change the weight or completely change what you are doing altogether all while hoping that no one saw the fail.

This happens to me a lot when I try a new workout I saw on Instagram where I find that it’s just not working for me the way it did for the person in the video.  I try to just discreetly move on to the next workout or weight in my list!


4.  Annoying:  Machine and weight hogs

Seriously, my gym is so packed that it can really be a challenge to get any machines or weights at all.  Incredibly annoying.  On top of that, people love to hog weights and machines.  Maybe they are just sitting on the machine playing on their phone for what seems like forever or they have 4 or 5 sets of weights spread out in front of them as they hang out on a bench.  I’ve even asked people before if I could use one of the weights when I see they haven’t used it in a few sets and they are truly doing nothing, but they tell me no, that they are using it.  Like, really?!

So don’t be a machine or weight hog and please (!) do not hang out during rush hour at the gym playing on your phone.  Not cool.


5.  Embarrassing:  You fell

Yes, I have seen people fall at the gym, especially off of the treadmill, flying back in a flurry of flying hands and feet.  It’s hard coming back from that!

No, I’ve never done that at the gym, but many years ago I did fall off a treadmill at my mom’s house while running.  I tried to answer a ringing phone on the bed next to the machine and, as I reached for the phone, my left foot caught the edge and I went flying!  Unfortunately for me, there was a wall directly behind the treadmill and I was stuck between the machine and the wall all while the treadmill kept running.  I’m still grateful to this day that no one was there to see it!

Lesson:  Do not try and answer the phone while on the treadmill.  Also, clip the little red thing to your shirt because if you fall (like I did) it actually turns the machine off sparing you embarrassment of attempting to climb back on the moving machine!


6.  Annoying:  No paper towels

Ok, truth:  I sweat a lot while working out and I need serious paper towels.  It’s such a downer when all of the paper towels are out.  Also, when you are done and want to clean off your machine and literally have to walk to 3 or 4 different paper towels stations sometimes to find that there are zero paper towels in the whole place.  Meaning, if someone used the machine before you and sweat all over it they probably didn’t clean it either.  Gross.  And also, you know everyone is watching thinking to themselves “Let’s see what she/he does when they see there’s no towels!”Not the worst thing that can happen at the gym, but, nevertheless, annoying.


7.  Embarrassing: You look like you peed

Yup! When you workout and sweat a lot it totally looks like you peed.  You just have to go with it and be proud of that sweat because you worked hard for it!  It’s a sign that you are putting your all into your workout.  This is also happens to be the reason why most of my workout bottoms are black or have a print.


8.  Annoying:  People throwing weights

True story:  One day, as I was re-racking my weights, a weight came flying through the air missing my knee by mere inches and landing less than 2 feet from my toes.  Startled, I looked to see where it came from to find a man who had obviously intentionally threw it and couldn’t have cared less that he had almost hit me.  Now, I’m a good Rhode Island girl at heart, but I’ve been living in New York long enough (12 years) to give someone a piece of my mind.  Let’s just say I don’t think he’ll be throwing weights again anytime soon.  Believe it or not, it happens and don’t be afraid to let people know that it isn’t ok!


9.  Embarrassing:  You realize you are using something totally wrong

Have you ever just used a machine flat out wrong?  People can get pretty inventive with different ways to use machines, but then there are the times where you realize you are just wrong.  Oops!  Maybe everyone will just think you know something that they don’t!

This is where people watching can come in handy to learn the right way as you are secretly praying no one else is people watching to see your total confusion.


10.  Annoying:  Too many people

My gym is a madhouse.  It is so packed.  I’ve never seen another gym as busy as mine.  Even the manager mentioned to me one day that we have one of the highest membership enrollments for our gym.  I honestly don’t mind there being a lot of people (people watching!), but it makes it hard to not only find space, but to get the machines and weights that you want.  I can’t even plan my workout beforehand because I have to base it on what’s available!  It does push you to get creative with what you can get your hands on.


Embarrassing, annoying, in between, or both,  they happen to us all!  A lot of those moments can turn into a good laugh or a good lesson (don’t reach for the phone while running on the treadmill for one).  However, don’t forget, embarrassing and/or annoying moments in all, it’s still better than not being at the gym or not working out!

So get up off your behind and get that workout in!

I’d love to hear about your embarrassing and/or annoying moments at the gym in the comments below (if you aren’t too embarrassed to share, anyway!).

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Thanks for reading!





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This website contains affiliate marketing ads which means if you follow  link and make a purchase, we receive small compensation at no extra cost to you.  Please visit our Advertising Disclosure and Privacy Policy for more about our partnerships with various affiliate marketers.

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