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Hello everyone and welcome to a little slice of my everyday!

My name is Christine-Marie and I am a native Rhode Islander who has spent the last decade (give a little) living in New York City (Brooklyn!).

I consider myself incredibly lucky, dividing my time between visiting my family in the Ocean State, with its incredible beaches and beautiful seasons, and NYC, an ever moving, never boring city full of culture, food, and style.   I can’t get enough of fashion, shopping, hair (any other curly haired ladies out there??), reading, coffee, tea, restaurants, redecorating, sketching, painting, etc…

So why blog?

With a packed, busy lifestyle of work (yup, I’m a teacher), travel, and family, why add more to my plate?  Well, this year something big happened in my life.  I turned 30.  Yes, I entered the next decade of my life leaving behind the amazing 20’s and embarking on the next journey.

My mom and I on my 30th birthday 💕

No, this blog isn’t going to be all about the 30’s.  It will be all about living life to the fullest and healthiest as possible because about 2 years ago I began another journey, this one about getting my health in check.  With a combination of healthy eating and working out, I managed to lose approximately 50 lbs (added 10 of muscle back) and was able to enter my 30’s at my fittest and healthiest I have ever been.

I am so often asked what I did to make these changes in my body.  I try to share that it’s been all about finding balance… and also vegetables!

You have to hold onto the things that make you happy, figure out what to let go, and accept that some changes to your lifestyle will have to be made along the way.

For those who have asked me so many times what I eat, I look forward to sharing some of those meals here!  It’s a journey for sure and I’m always learning new things about what it means to be healthy and how that relates to me and my own body.  There is no end;  It only gets better!  (one of my closest friends is an editor and is probably cringing at all of my , ; and !’s whoops!!)

Through this blog I hope to share some of the health and fitness tips I have learned along the way as well as sharing tips on fashion, travel, and life in NYC.   As healthy and fit as you are, you still have to live (balance, people)!  I love my Thai food and ice cream just as much as the next person and will be sharing plenty of places to get your foodie fix on.

And, as my boyfriend and friends would tell you, I have an extensive, ever-growing wardrobe packed with a combination of trendy bits and classic pieces just begging to be shared!  However, as stated above, I am a teacher by day…. meaning budget, budget, budget.  It’s not always easy keeping up with trends in NYC on a teacher salary with bills to pay, but it can be done!

Living a healthy lifestyle is not just about lettuce and running (although throw some balsamic and feta on that lettuce and you might just want it to be!).  It’s about living a life you love and balance.  You have to feed your emotional and social appetites along with the physical.

I’ll also try and share my meal prep ideas and meals I eat as I’ve had a lot of personal requests for those!

Welcome to my blog ladies (and hopefully some gentlemen as well)!

I look forward to hearing from you through blog posts for now!

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Thanks for reading!






  1. Christine
    August 22, 2017 / 4:37 am

    Nice job, Christine… you look amazing! Turning 30 was a good birthday – enjoy it:)

    They get harder as the calendar flips to the next decade, and the one after that…ugh! Looking forward to your future blogs…

    • August 22, 2017 / 9:57 am

      Christine you look amazing! Can’t believe you have this great web-site. I hope you can serve as an example that it is possible to enjoy food and take the journey from unhealthy to healthy and fit.

      • August 22, 2017 / 2:50 pm

        Thank you Mara! You hit the nail on the head. I want to show that you can still live and enjoy the things you love while being healthy and getting in shape. Thanks for reading!

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