Where to Eat NYC:  Urban Space’s Broadway Bites

Where to Eat NYC:  Urban Space’s Broadway Bites

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NYC is packed with delicious restaurants, food trucks, markets, etc… but one place always stands out to me:  Urban Space’s Broadway Bites in Greeley Square.

Located just steps from Macy’s at 34th St and Herald Sq, Broadway Bites is an outdoor eating area with probably around 40 different stands selling different types of food.  The foods you can get span from Japanese to Mexican to French and more.  There’s dessert, too!  They are all local vendors and chefs who serve lots of original food creations and flavors.

Just imagine, you finish shopping around 34th St, your Macy’s bags in hand.  You’re so hungry and wondering where you are going to eat.  Then, almost by magic, 40 different restaurant options appear in from of you!  Complete with twinkle lights overhead and an outdoor eating atmosphere.

We’ve eaten here many times and had everything from pulled pork donut sliders to Belgian waffles with strawberries and chocolate to melted cheese, prosciutto, and pickle sandwiches on fresh French bread.  I love having the options, that we get to eat outside, and that it can also be a lot cheaper than eating at a restaurant.

Broadway Bites is located specifically in Greeley Square on Broadway between 32nd St and 33rd St.  This Fall it will be open from October 4th through November 10th Monday-Sunday from 11am until 9pm.

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After browsing the vendors, the first stop was Masa for a Carne Asada Huarache, strawberry lemonade, and apple cider.

I like to try and eat health whenever possible, so the next stop was Bento by Bessou.  They had a Bento Box that include white rice, soy egg, kabocha squash, green salad, spicy edamame, Japanese pickles, creamy sesame dressing, and your choice of meat.  I chose the soy braised shredded pork.  I’m so disappointed the picture is super blurry, but it was delicious!  I also ordered a shredded pork fried rice ball (not healthy at all!) and that was the best fried rice ball I’ve ever had!

I don’t often get dessert (even though I love it!), but I made an exception for mochi ice cream from Mochidoki.  I got 2 pieces of mochi for $5.00:  one pumpkin cheesecake and one vanilla chocolate chip.  Mochi is a Japanese dessert.  It’s mochi with an ice cream filling.  It’s basically a ball of ice cream with a yummy, squishy outer coating.

Pedro (my boyfriend) went for a classic ice cream cookie sandwich made with vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip walnut cookies.

There is one section dedicated to vendors who serve alcohol.  You can have anything from wine to beer to sangria to margaritas and more with your food!  You just have to stay in the designated section for alcohol.

Overall, Broadway Bites offers an array of different delicious food vendors and a great outdoor atmosphere.

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