8 Foods and Drinks that I Cut to Lose 50 lbs (and what to have instead)

8 Foods and Drinks that I Cut to Lose 50 lbs (and what to have instead)

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Food is an incredible thing, but if you are trying to lose weight it can also become a somewhat stressful thing.  Especially if you are towards the beginning of your weight loss journey and are just trying to figure out the ins and outs of healthy eating.

I always say that there’s nothing I just don’t eat (unless I don’t like it which is a somewhat long list), but, sad to say, if you are serious about losing weight, then there are certain foods that just have no place in your diet right now.

That’s not to say you won’t choose to have them during a weekly cheat meal, but they shouldn’t be a part of your regular, everyday eating.

Remember, I’m not talking about maintaining a goal or current weight right now.  I’m simply addressing the weight loss process!  I know plenty of people who eat these foods regularly and maintain their current, healthy weight, but you aren’t maintaining, you are losing!

To keep this from just being a long, sad list of everything you shouldn’t eat right now, I’ll try and give yummy substitutions for each one!

So, of you are ready to get serious about losing weight, then these 8 things need to go!  (In my opinion, anyway)

1.  Bread

There’s literally nothing I love more for breakfast than a nice, thick piece of toasted Italian bread, but for now, say bye to that bread!  It’ll stick to all the wrong places.








The only bread I eat while losing weight is a light, multigrain English muffin that I’ll have for breakfast with a little peanut butter.  Other than that, try having your regular sandwich on a nice lettuce wrap or even throw it in a salad!








2.  Pasta

I don’t live far from Little Italy and when you walk down Mulberry St. on a weekend afternoon all you see are people eating plates and bowls full of different types of yummy pasta! Pasta, however, will pack on the lbs pretty quickly.  Not ideal for weight loss.







 It’s hard to walk on by those yummy looking servings of homemade pasta for sure, but few other things will pack on the lbs like pasta will so for now, get yourself a spiralizer and a zucchini and make yourself some zoodles instead!  Some supermarkets even sell zoodles ready to go!  Quinoa can also satisfy that carb craving and fill your stomach.





3.  Butter

I LOVE butter.  Butter on bread, on pasta, on veggies, on chicken, on bagels, you name it!  However, not the healthiest choice while you are trying to lose weight.








Instead, grab yourself a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for your cooking needs and lots of yummy spices to add flavor! You’ll be surprised how fast you will get used to NOT having butter.







4.  Cheese

My family loves cheese (as do I).  We eat crackers and cheese all the time.  There’s nothing better than a plate of crackers and cheese and a glass of wine while relaxing on the beach watching the sunset on a late summer night.  So trust me, I understand the pain of sacrificing cheese, but seriously, there’s like 100 calories in one slice of some cheeses, so bye bye.





Instead of snacking on cheese, try some veggies and hummus!  I’ve even spread hummus on pita for a sandwich instead of cheese or mixed it with chicken.  Another option is avocado.  Some sliced avocado with some grilled chicken or on a turkey burger is delicious!







5.  Sugary Drinks… and that means you, too, juice!

Soda, juice, sugar lemonade, cocktails (wahhh margaritas), etc… no, no while losing weight.  If it’s not fueling your body, then you don’t need it right now.  The sugar counts are just unreal in some of those drinks.  If not just for your body, think of your teeth!!






If you love the sweet and/or carbonated drinks then you have a few options.

– add some fruit slices to your water

– throw some water and fruit in the blender and mix it there.  My favorite would be watermelon, strawberries, and freshly squeezed lemons!

– flavored seltzer water!  My favorite is the 99 cent one from CVS pictured in the back of the photo (Emblem).

– Make some lemonade with freshly squeezed lemons and add either some honey or agave nectar.

– If you are working out regularly, then try adding an amino supplement to your daily routine.  Aminos help with muscle restoration to recover from those intense and/or frequent workouts.  The one pictured above also gives an extra boost of energy.  Aminos can be found at your local vitamin supplement store (ex. GNC).  Most are super yummy and the employees in the stores are always willing to help you out while choosing the best for you.

Don’t have amino supplements or unsure where to get them? Follow this link!
After a lot of trial and error with other brands, these have been the best!  And also delicious.


6.  White and Yellow Potatoes

Fried, mashed, roasted, baked… there’s no debate that potatoes are delicious.  However, there is some debate on whether or not to include them during a weight loss diet.  Personally, I made the decision to give them the boot.  I suppose a baked potato here and there wouldn’t hurt, without the butter and salt of course, but I didn’t include them in my weekly meals.




Sweet potatoes are definitely the healthier choice when it comes to potatoes on a diet.  I wouldn’t go for the whole thing, but maybe just a half.  I also like to purée them with almond milk and add them as my carb for my meal prep or eat them for dinner with some ground turkey meat!






7.  Alcohol

The term beer belly is no joke.  While losing weight, the only time I had a drink was once or twice a month if my boyfriend and I went out to dinner.  Even then, I would only have one small margarita.

Now, I love going for drinks with girlfriends just as much as the next person, but check out how many calories in just one glass of wine alone.  It could be 100 and when you are trying to stick to a low calorie diet, it just won’t fit.

Also, it can really slow you down so that you aren’t getting as much as you could from your workout the following day.  Not to be a killjoy or anything, but cut the booze!


If you really feel that you need to have that drink, go for a vodka tonic with lime or other type of low cal drink.  I don’t really have a good substitution other than that.  The effect alcohol has on your body just is not ideal while losing weight and working out.

My advice would be to save it for your cheat day and limit yourself to one!  Or, just water.  Sorry!





8.  Just Sweets and Chips in General

So, not to state the obvious, but if you are really serious about losing weight, then these are just not the foods for you right now. Whether it’s candy bars, chocolate chip cookies, potato chips, maple syrup, some sort of fruity, chewy candy, etc… these foods should just be avoided right now.  It’s hard, yes, but you can do it.






Instead of digging into those bags of sugary goodies, go for the fresh fruit, veggies, nut/granola bars, or almonds (coco or dark chocolate covered even).  It will take willpower, but it can be done!  (Just pay close attention to the nutritional label on the nut/granola bars!  Some can be sugar and cal central.)






I hope this helps as you plan your healthy eating menu each week and I look forward to sharing many more healthy eating options with you in future posts!

Please leave comments below if you have anymore to add to the list!

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Thanks for reading!






  1. Kathy
    August 22, 2017 / 3:37 am

    Thanks Christine! Starting for a wedding in June !

  2. Vicky Velazquez
    August 22, 2017 / 12:14 pm

    This is really good! I can so hear you reading this out loud “Wahhhhh” lol

    • August 22, 2017 / 1:21 pm

      I might have even said it aloud while typing it!

  3. Amy Blaszkow
    August 22, 2017 / 8:16 pm

    Christine, You look amazing! This is some inspiration for me to try and kick my butt into gear! I hope to look like you next summer. Love you <3

    • August 23, 2017 / 1:41 am

      Whatever you need Amy I’m here for you!! I’ll post all the meal prep we do as soon as I get home! 😘 love you girl! I’ll try and do my gluten free research!

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