200 Calorie Eggnog Protein Shake

200 Calorie Eggnog Protein Shake

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I always have a constant battle with myself during the holidays.  I want to eat healthy and maintain my current weight, but I also want to have all of the delicious, festive, holidays foods and drinks!

So when I come across something that combines both, it’s pretty exciting!

Eggnog almond milk exists and it is delicious.  For those of us that add milk to our eggnog anyway, then this is for you!

Here is a recipe for combining your protein shake with eggnog making for a very delicious and festive eggnog protein shake!


-1 scoop vanilla protein powder (120 cals)

-1 cup almond milk eggnog (80 cals)

-sprinkle of nutmeg to taste

-6-8 ice cubes


Step 1:

Add 1 scoop of vanilla protein to your blender.


Step 2:

Add 6-8 ice cubes.


Step 3:

Add 1 cup of eggnog almond milk.


Step 4:

Blend until smooth.

Step 5:

Sprinkle the nutmeg on top.

I suggest not blending it as I did this one time and it was not so great blended into the shake.


Step 6:


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